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Is Any Wedding Truly Unique? 

Social media is streaming all around us. It is hard to know if we really ever have any original thoughts anymore. I was feeling discouraged after the fourth bride this season brought us the exact same set of Pinterest inspiration photos. Immediately I thought “not this again”. This was me totally missing an opportunity to be challenged. After complaining to my business partner about young bride’s lack of creativity and their inability to have one singular idea of their own, I realized that I was falling head first into their trap. I discovered that every set of inspiration images is a challenge to my creativity.

Can I make this design unique even though I have been given the same photos and theme to work from? Of course, I can! There are so many different flowers and trees growing here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest that there is no excuse for replicating anything. Maybe the color palette is similar, or the general theme might be the same, but the recipe of blooms, buds and branches that we use should always be different from what we have done before. I have found that one of the most important services a designer can offer a bride is harnessing her uniqueness! Weddings come and go, but the ability of the designer to capture the essence of the couple’s personality and portray that in their work is what makes each event stunning in its own way.

Colleen and I have accepted the challenge to design events that reflect the individuality of the couples they celebrate. We invite you to follow us on our colorful journey.